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Cats Are Not Evil

My love for cats is something beyond my power. During my primary school days, some of my classmates killed the cat of the old lady in the next building.

I cried so much and made a vow to keep cats whenever I got my independence and first place. I got my independence but getting a place wasn’t that easy so I started buying cats in my uncle’s house.

He was mad at me at first but now he loves them. Cats are being stereotype in Nigeria due to how nollywood portray them, saying cats are evil. Cats are not evil and are very loving pets, who understands your moods and just want to eat and keep you company. I’m a cat lover who intends to have a cat shelter in the nearest future. This is my dream and it’s possible.Remember I told you, cats are not evil.


Tough Times Don’t Last.

I recently moved from my former rented apartment in ajah to look for a house on the mainland of Lagos. This was before the lockdown, I searched everywhere I could in locations where I want to settle in but couldn’t find any place that fits in my budget. The rent fees on the mainland has been increased to a year and half. I was so sad and Nigerian government was already was about to place the lockdown.

I need to move my house stuffs to the mainland and I haven’t found a place yet. My daughter lives in my uncle’s house in mushin due to her school, she’s about to write her common entrance and I’m still allowed to stay there. Started from sleeping outside on the concrete floor and fixing the mosquito net. The chickens and goats wake me up at midnights and dawn with their noises so I barely sleep. My uncle has a lot of goats, sheep and his wife owns most of the chickens. I also have three cats living in the compound, they also keep me company at nights. Then it started raining, I have to move to under a shed that serves as a kitchen and store. I started sleeping there though the roof leaks, I cry whenever it was raining. I was deeply sad and depressed about it and told only few of my friends what I was going through.

While going through all these I was still searching for a house until the government gave a deadline for the upcoming lockdown. So my last alternative was to fix up a newly built one room apartment here in my uncle’s house, it was said to be my cousin’s room. I spoke with him and he told me he was going to talk to his dad but I can start renovating so that I can go bring my stuffs from my former home in ajah.

The money meant for the house I was searching for I used it to renovate the empty newly built room; from ceilings to wiring and flooring. I moved in and thought I would have my privacy but it was otherwise. It was affecting my sanity and I was getting sad every day because I regretted my decision to move into a family house.

My cat, Blackmore

I have to start saving money for a new house rent but how? It was a month lockdown and every where is tight financially, even with the ease of lockdown people are not ready to go out to do business yet due to so much media constituted panics. So I made Ankara face masks and decided to accessorize it yet no sales except for two of my Instagram friends that ordered. I have been restless and running out of ideas to raise money for my new place. So I decided to pack some my stuffs and move to my younger brother’s house on May 2nd.

Couture Ankara Face Masks by Adetutu OJ Brand
Couture Ankara Face Masks by Adetutu OJ Brand. Price : $10

I’m now staying at his house because I need the total Solitude and time to reflect even if it is to sell my nudes on A girl have to do something to survive. Two days of staying with my brother now, I found out I’m inconveniencing him a bit and I’m not happy with that which made me to spill out my heart tonight. I know tough times don’t last and I will get through this soon.

I pray every money to my orí to help me out of this ordeal. I just want my own place and stop inconveniencing others. I’m not giving up at all. I will get my own place soon.

Christmas Project In The Ghetto of Mushin by Adetutu OJ

I remember when I was homeless and still in the open, having no place of my own with a child. Christmas during these period are always lonely times.

It’s my dream to feed the homeless and needy people in my area this Christmas. Cook, play music while they feel like they feel loved and festive. I really need a lot of support for this to come to pass. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

#dreamscometrue #ghettodreams #livingintheghetto #helpingthehomeless #feedingthehungry #beingadetutuojintheghetto #adetutuojunfiltered #pleasesupportmyproject #christmas2022

Olokun and Ifa

**Ancestral Waters of Life…
Eji Ogbe
She is the Goddess of the Unknown -Darkness – the Realm of Dreams & the Unconscious.
Like her world, so is Olorun the Keeper of Secrets.

Orunmila divined for Olokun and assured her that all of her problems would resolve, and she would find a new home. He asked her to do the sacrifice. He told her to go at night and get one calabash of water and then in the morning one calabash of water. She should then then go to the left side of Earth and bring water, and to the right side of Earth to bring water, both in the morning and in the evening. And next to go to the Red Sea to bring water.
Orunmila used the waters to make sacrifices for her. When he was finished, he said she should take the waters he had prayed over and go bathe her body. She should then stay inside her home for 7 days.
She must not open the door, see anyone, or see daylight.
She did exactly as he said.
On the third day she discovered that the door in front had turned to grass and the door in back had turned to copper.
The wooden door on the right side had turned to zinc, and the door on the left side had turned to silver.
On the seventh day when she decided it was safe to leave the house, she saw that all under her home had become water.
Olodumare had decided to give her a house on top of the water. Olokun was amazed and set out to Orunmila’s house to give him the news. He was very happy for her, and she took him home to treat him as a pampered guest, entertaining and feeding him as he had never experienced before.
Orunmila began to sing praises that Olokun had given him a wonderful gift and that he was very happy.

Eledumare had allowed him to understand the message. Olokun began singing Ifa praises saying, “Ifa is great!”.
Ever since that day Orunmila enters the ocean to divine for Olokun. The story continues on as to how Orunmila came to live with Olokun for many years in her underwater realm, but as all good stories go, we shall save that part of the story for later.

**Olokun, you are here and of the unknown, the unknowable and unreachable. As a natural force represented in the Oceans, rivers, underwater volcanoes, streams, and lakes.
Without Water, there would be no world as we know it. Olokun, you represent and care for civilization beneath the Sea, which nourishes and enrich us all by stimulating the production of foodstuffs and other materials.
You made a home to all who perished at the hands of evil while crossing the Atlantic Ocean against their will because of greed.
To understand Olokun’s nature we need to look at the nature of the bottom of the Sea, a vast mostly unexplored dark habitat.
The deep-sea floor is a seemingly hostile environment and yet life thrives down there. In fact, scientists believe that there is more life in the dark abyss of the Earth’s Oceans than in all of the tropical rain forests put together. Anything that falls to the bottom of the Sea floor remains intact forever more, never to be laid eyes on by anyone other than herself and her underwater children.
Olokun is believed to hold the secrets of the past, the present and the future. She knows all and guards that knowledge well.
Olokun holds the key to the mystery of exactly what happened to our Ancestors on those fateful journeys across the Atlantic. Many didn’t make it and thus entered the realm of Olokun. Olokun is all-knowing, She is the keeper of Wisdom and Divination.

Olokun & The Chameleon (Alagẹmọ):
Her secret contact in heaven informed her that they were sending a Chameleon to her.
She considered that to be a sign of their contempt for her because they could not be sending a more inferior fellow as an emissary.
She knew that every act is a sign of another thing. She thought they were telling her that she was ugly, slow, and contemptible, and the Chameleon would be a clear deliverer of that message.
She believed they were telling her that she was beholding her own reflection in the mirror when she saw the Chameleon.
Then she saw the Chameleon riding the Snail like a horse.
Right before her eyes, she saw the Chameleon climb down from the back of the Snail.
To her astonishment, the skin of the Chameleon glistened with a lustrous light that radiated around it.

Olokun, to her surprise, wanted to touch it, but she quickly checked her impulsive spirit.
She went into her chambers and began to attire herself in her gorgeous garments, woven in multicolored patterns, using different yarns and textures. She then looked for various combinations of Beads, both brilliant and dull Beads, large and slim, round, and angular shaped gems, and she wore them. She then reappeared before the Chameleon, to show off herself, and display how beautiful she looked. “As usual, you are the most elegant and attractive being alive,” the Chameleon said to her, when she came out looking exceedingly beautiful in her attires. But even as the Chameleon spoke, it began to transform, and its skin began to reflect the splendor of the color of Olokun attires.
The only exception is that the mirror even looked more splendid than the original, which puzzled Olokun.

Olokun thought about these things and decided that they were too bizarre for her to deal with. Certainly, things have changed in Heaven, and they were no longer as they used to be, if the ugly Chameleon could look so beautiful, and the Snail could be as swift as a horse… She decided that she had underestimated the power of the forces of Heaven. She told the chameleon “I want no trouble from those who sent you here. But you cannot take all of my space. Tell those who sent you that you can have some of the planet, which you may turn into solid ground for human habitation. But I will still continue to reign over the larger portion covered by the waters.”

**Olokun however remembered her word because one’s word is what is most important. And her word remained that she consented to the establishment a human colony here on Earth.
So, she has to honor and keep her word, for that is the nature of her own graceful character. At one time She was the Orisa of all the Waters, and all of the Oceans.
Her name means Owner of Oceans – Lord of the Sea.

Olokun is the Orisa of Death, Rebirth & Renewal
Her domain is the graveyard of the Earth, cold and dark nature being the perfect environment for the suspended animation of Spirits.
Olokun is also the Goddess of Rebirth and Renewal: At the bottom of the deep Sea from her dark watery womb new life springs forth every moment, contributing to a vast and incredibly adaptive ecosystem.
Olokun is associated with great riches, She, along with her daughter Aje are said to be a Orisa’s of wealth and abundance.
Women pray to Her to conceive a child as well as for good health and worldly possessions.
Olokun is often depicted as a beautiful black Mermaid.
One of the animals that symbolize Olokun is the mudfish. The Orisa Olokun is also linked to the red coral, a beautiful red gem-like colony of tiny animals that are joined together through the skeletons of their dead ancestors. As corals grow, they form reefs which purify the water, provide shelter for other sea creatures, and encourage the growth of wildlife habitats beneath the Sea.
When we speak of the Ancestral Waters of Life, we speak of waters that have a form of Natural consciousness that flow and nourishe. It mincubates and feeds and is the essence of Maternal caring that relates to the protection of children.

Omi Orun – Ancestral Waters:
The idea of heavenly waters may seem symbolic to us, but it holds the ring of truth since the most commonly found substance throughout the Universe is hydrogen particles.
Science agrees that the combination of earth and water is what created the womb of all living creatures on the Earth in consequence of the union of these elements.
Olokun was given the title and name of the combined words OloOkun – Owner of the Oceans of Ode Aye, the Earth. As well is her representation of water and birth and in fact a principal part of the human spirit of consciousness as well as it makes up part of our bodies.
Throughout time and in most Ancient religions of the East, a female deity took hold of the title,
“the owner of the great Oceans of Earth”.
When Olokun is angry she causes the Sea to be rough and stirs up a raging surf upon the shore; and it is she who drowns Men, upsets boats or canoes, and causes shipwrecks.

Olokun Sea Deity-
The owner of all the riches under the Oceans, the greatest Bead maker, the most powerful Deity whose mantles are the rolling waves of sea water, is a most beautiful divinity to behold. Her long, braided hair flows with the waves of the undulating waters, her ebony dark skin glistening like priceless pearls under the motion of ceaseless seas.
Olokun heard about the plan to establish human abodes on Earth and became angry. She was fully prepared to turn down the request to use Earth for the human project mainly because she was already using the space for her bead-making studio. She made beads of all colors and shapes, but her favorite bead was the indigo colored, tubular shaped Segi bead, so luminously dark that it seems to capture light within its luxurious entrails.
It was her love for bead making that caused her to move her seat to the depth of the ocean, which nobody wanted at that time.
But after she succeeded in taming and ruling the vast ocean,
after she salted it and stocked it with priceless jewels, after she had transformed the vast and empty space into a home for herself, they began to plot behind her back to take her space from her and turn it into a general home to lodge humans.
She found the human project totally unacceptable, especially if it would be at the expense of her own studio work of bead making.
It was totally unacceptable for the divinities to take her sanctuary away from her and populate it with strangers. She sat down in a reflective mood in the midst of her vast collection of beads. She calmly picked up some of the most colorful and exquisite beads ever made, and slowly rubbed the warm gems against her dark brown skin. She would not give up her craft, she resolved. She would fight for every cup of water in the vast ocean of the Earth.
It was clear to Olokun that they chose Earth because she had developed it so artistically that nobody could take their eyes away from it. But they also thought that she had no fighting power. It was only if the power of the others overwhelmed her that she was going to surrender. She was determined not to let that happen.

Aboru Aboye O… !!!

Written by
Omo Eriwo Ope
Baba Yagbe Awolowo

Orisa Oko


Orisa Oko, the farm, the garden, the plantation,
is the Orisa of Agriculture.
As the natives chiefly depend upon the fruits of the Earth for their food, Orisa Oko is much honoured. There is scarcely a town or village that does not have a temple dedicated to him. He has a large number of priests and priestesses in his service.

Although his first care is to promote the fertility of the Earth-soil, he is also the deity of natural fertility in general, for he is a phallic divinity, and his image is always provided with an enormous phallus. Orisa Oko is primarily a garden-deity, who fostered and protected crops.

An emblem of Orisa Oko is an iron rod, and honey bees are his messengers.
It is probably with reference to his phallic attributes that he has the title of Eni-duru- “the erect personage.”
One of his functions is to cure malarial fevers, to which those who disturb the soil in the process of cultivation are particularly liable.

There is an annual festival for Orisa Oko, it is held when the yam crop is ripe, and all can then partake of new yams.
At this festival all kinds of vegetable produce are cooked and placed in vessels in the streets, for the people to enjoy.
Baba Akin

Photo: Orisa Oko Shrine

Modupe Eledua

My birthday was two days ago, my daughter tomorrow and son, December 8. I’m grateful to eledua for everything. I’m very grateful for being alive and how we get help to survive. Saving as a sole single mom of two is very hard , tried to save 500k for my son’s one year old birthday party but couldn’t.

Though sometimes we have to go beg for a token to survive for the day. We get help when we least expected. We are grateful.

I pray to eledua and manifest with my Ori and Ori Inu. Calling my ancestors to not forget me and my kids and siblings.

Once again, I’m very grateful.

We don’t Say Goodbye In Yoruba Land

Written by Baba Moyo Okediji


In the Yoruba language, there is no goodbye.

“Ó dàbọ̀,” which is what stands for the idea of goodbye, actually is the very opposite of goodbye.

Why? Because “Ó dàbọ̀” does not say that you are leaving.

Rather, as you depart, you are speaking of “àbọ̀,” meaning, “the return.”

As you depart, you begin to celebrate your return.

What is even more remarkable? As you leave, you say, “Mo ń bọ̀,” meaning “I am returning.”

Nobody, who speaks Yoruba properly, ever says “Mo ń lọ,” when they depart. “Mo ń lọ́” is the true goodbye, in the literal sense.

To speak Yoruba is not a matter of understanding the direct meaning of the words: the direct meaning of the word actually hides the deeper, or real meaning.

Ijapa says “Never say ‘Mo ń lọ; Say mo n bo.'”

Do you know why you never say “Mo ń lọ” when you depart?

If you speak Yoruba properly, what does “Mo n lo” really mean, beyond the surface meaning?

Singing: Ó mà ń lọ nìyẹn

Ewé ayọ́.

Ó di gbére nìyẹn

Ewé ayọ́.

If you say “Mo ń lọ,” that is not good.

Picture show an Ijapa top that I designed in 1982, hand-stitched by my friend and collaborator, Gbemi.

I still wear it 40 years later.

Avoidable Mistake

I’m in a deep mess and won’t stop praying to my ẹgbẹ́ to please forgive me.

I keep borrowing to eat, my daughter kept missing school because we are owing some fees and no money for food.

All my friends left me and don’t believe me when I don’t have a single pure water at home. They all blame me for having a child with a mean man who does nothing than send ₦1000 to ₦5000 for a baby’s upkeep.

I stopped that today and I will rather do anything again to get my kids fed and taken care of. They are now 3 because I am fostering a 17 year girl whose mom wont stop sending to people’s house to be an house help. I took her in and she has been fine ever since.

I’m also learning to make beaded bags again. I learnt it back in 2013/2014.

I need money to buy beads and materials for the bag make so I’m putting up my laptop on Twitter for sale. It’s a 15 Intel Pentium 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, still in a very good shape.

I’m in so much debts from Lendigo to renmoney, lapo and lastly grooming (it’s another version of lapo) A million naira will sort these debts and i’m so ashamed of myself.

I’m in a deep mess that I got myself into just because I trusted a man and daba rú my career by getting pregnant.

I have been ringing it in my daughter’s ears to please live her life and not trust men. They switch up on you so fast that you will think you are in a bad dream that you need to be woken up from.

House rent, I’m struggling to pay. Paid 100k (loan from Lapo) out of 400k. Utility bills, I’m struggling so much with it. I want all these to end.

I want my small businesses to pick up sales again. I’m very sad and moving like a living corpse around.

It’s my birthday on the 11th of this month and I know I don’t deserve to post picture of me because I fucked up.

My daughter’s birthday- November 14th and son, December 8th. He will be 1 years old.

I’m begging eledua and awon to laye should please forgive me and have mercy on me. I’m grateful for the gift of life and my kids but they should please have mercy on their child, Adetutu

Ẹ jọ̀wọ́, ẹ je búrẹ́. Ẹ Dákun 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💔😭😭😭😭😭😭

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ọ̀sẹ̀ Ọya oriri


Oya is the powerful Yorùbá Orisa of the storm and tempests. She is one of the three wives of Sango, with Osun and Oba. She can manifest as winds ranging from the gentlest breeze to the raging hurricane or cyclone. She goes forth with Her husband during His thunderstorms, destroying buildings, ripping up trees, and blowing things down. Oya is known as a fierce warrior and strong protectress of women, who call on Her to settle disputes in their favor.
As the Orisa of change and transformation, She brings down the dead wood to make room for the new, and She uses Her machete or sword to clear a path for new growth.
She is believed to watch over the newly dead and assist them as they make the transition from life.
Oya is the Orisa of the Niger River, and Her violent rainstorms are said to be its source.
Like Osun, She is worshipped not only in Africa but in Brazil, and other parts of the new world.
Oya’s attributes are the sword or machete and the flywhisk. Her animal is the water buffalo, into whom She sometimes transforms.
Oya Herself is said to be the mother of nine children–Egungun and four sets of twins.
Her sacred number is nine, Her color is burgundy, deep red or purple, and Her metal is copper.

Photo: Oya acrylic and natural dyes on woven cloth by creator/artist extraordinaire Stephan Hamilton

Written by iya niko titilare

Manifesting my own paying customers. Àṣẹ

Detachable Cowries Hoodie by Adetutu OJ Brand

We are our ancestors and we relive their lives through the blood that flows through our veins. We are the sons and daughters of Obatala.

The life embodiment of Olódùmarè.We are the children of wealth and prosperity. Destined for greatness and we know how to show it.

Here is Aje, ready to sit graciously on orí to complement and attract good fortunes to the lucky orí that it shall adorn like a crown.Adé orí olówó ẹyọ!

Detachable Cowries Hoodie by Adetutu OJ Brand

The physical manifestation of elevation.

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Before you cut a tree branch or take a flower, let the spirit of the tree or plant know what you’re going to do, so that it can remove your energy from that location and not feel the cut so strong.

When you go to nature and want to take a stone that was in the river, ask the river guardian if it allows you to take one of its sacred stones.

If you have to climb a mountain or make a pilgrimage through the jungle, ask the spirits and guardians of the place permission. It’s very important that you communicate, even if you don’t feel, hear or see.

Enter each place with respect, because all nature hears you, sees you and feels you. Every move you make in microcosm generates a big impact on macrocosm.

When approaching vegetation, be grateful for the medicine it has for you.

Honor life in its various forms and be aware that each being is fulfilling its purpose. Nothing was created to fill the spaces, we are all here remembering our mission, remembering who we are and waking up from the holy dream of returning home!
{Source: Plant & Sing-

Y’all know this…
Osanyin told you so!

Artwork: I do not know the artist… just beautiful

Written by Ìyá Niko TitiLare